Hillary Clinton's name is on everyone's lips almost every day.

Writer and editor Joanne Cronrath Bamberger invited high profile women writers including Jennifer Lee to contribute a story to her new book. 

Hillary evokes extreme and varied emotions among voters in a way no other candidate in recent memory has. But why?

Does she have to be likable? Do baby boomers have too much history with her? Can she thread the needle between a softer, gentler Hillary and a tough Commander-in-Chief Hillary? 

Jennifer Hall Lee is proud to have contributed an essay to this new book entitled, "Hillary Clinton Changed My Lfe.”  

She has helped to promote the book by participating on a panel at the Bethesda Library in Maryland that was broadcast on C-SPAN.

Additionally, Jennifer was asked to be on a panel about the book at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.  Back in California, Jennifer participated in a book signing at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena, California with the editor Joanne Bamberger.


From Love Her, Lover Her Not: The Hillary Paradox

Excerpted in Salon

"Vagina Voter": Witnessing the sexism Hurled at Hillary in '08

"It was explained to me once in the early days of my visual effects work on feature films that although the work seemed difficult and abstract, one day I would understand its technical complexity in a simple way. The metaphor used was the light bulb being turned on in a darkened room. One day the switch would flip to “on” and I would fully understand. My growing awareness of how sexism impacted Hillary’s presidential campaign wasn’t achieved as easily as a switch turning on; it was a slow rotation, as with a dimmer switch. With each incremental turn, a cultural undercurrent that involved women and presidential politics was illuminated. It changed me profoundly."