Jennifer Hall Lee


“Our Palm Springs Branch members certainly appreciated your presentation on Saturday, Jennifer. You brilliantly, and poignantly discussed what a significant role the Women’s Liberation Movement of the 60’s and the 70’s played in the advancement of women’s rights in this country.  And, you acknowledged how much more must be done to tell the story of what feminism really means - telling feminist stories about our social and economic achievements through film, in our school books, women’s history month, global presentations and through organizations such as AAUW that advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education and research.
We need more champions like you, Jennifer, committed to feminist stories and women’s liberation” - Sharrell Blakeley, May 2019


"Everyone was very engaged and interested in your film. And we had a really good discussion about the film in the context of the British movement afterwards." Magda Oljejor "How the vote was won: an evening of exhibition and film July, 2018

"I am so grateful that you made this movie, and that you are unapologetic about being a feminist...Your message is essential to get out. The Women's Liberation Movement was such an important part of history, and like most things surrounding women's history, it has been erased...This film should be a required part of the curriculum in every school in the country, and beyond!" - Tammy Caputi, Arizona

"{Feminist: Stories from Women's Liberation] brings out so many interesting details that every viewer will learn something for the first time and for our viewers at a local theater, it was the impetus for multiple conversations afterwards with parents, children and friends. We had City College students attending from a History of Women course and for them it was an eye-opener. Plus, Jennifer’s Q and A session was inspiring - it’s evident that she’s passionate about being a feminist - and she re-kindled for many of us that passion to actively continue the fight for equal rights." - Frances Rozner, 2015-2016 President, AAUW Long Beach, CA

"It's a wonderful collection of stories and you introduced us to some great women pioneers. There's a wealth of material there and I can see why it's taken you ten years to make it. Congratulations on the award too, well deserved." - Margaret Williams, UK Feminism in London conference

"You were calm and composed, which made me relax and settle in, knowing a good story was about to unfold. I thought this was a brilliant approach to a topic; feminism, that I imagine other people are touchy about. The piece was well stated and historically accurate; educational with no hint of preachiness. It reminded me of the aspects of feminism that are fun to me 0 a great shot in the arm! Thank you for it, Jennifer Hall Lee. I look forward to what you have to say next." - Sara Jane Welch

"One of the things you said in your presentation struck me and has stayed with me. You said your daughter was a baby when you started the film, and has grown up with it, and that you see the difference it has made in her perspective/world view. How fascinating and inspiring. If that was then multiplied with every girl across the world just from having our histories taught to us, it would be a very different world!" - Louise in the UK

 "I really know nothing about feminism but three quarters of the way through the film I found myself in tears to see so many clear-sighted, clear-speaking women comfortable in their ‘self’ and all speaking on the theme of standing up for women." - Joanne Woolger, UK

"Being afforded the opportunity to watch women wake up to the realities of their lives, and to see them stepping into their power in order to transform their realities and to change the world, is a wondrous sight to behold. Watching Jennifer Lee's Feminist Stories from Women's Liberation 1963-1970 is one such opportunity. If you weren't a feminist before seeing the film, you will be by the end of it."          -Yula Burin, UK Feminist Library screening 2015