Keynote Speaker

In Islamabad, Pakistan as one of the keynote speakers for the closing ceremony of the "International Conference: Women, Environment, and Environmental Justice" December 9, 2016

In Islamabad, Pakistan as one of the keynote speakers for the closing ceremony of the "International Conference: Women, Environment, and Environmental Justice" December 9, 2016

Keynote and Panelist

  • 2019 Progressive Discussion Group, Pasadena, CA Feb 1, 2019 “Why It’s Important to Care About Our Public Schools.”

  • 2018 Women’s Conference, Tempe, AZ Panel

  • 2017 SMPTE panel Discussion at NAB, Hosted Panel, Is Cinephilia Dead or is it just Expanding?

  • 2017 Changing The Picture Potsdam, Germany, Keynote Speaker

  • 2016 Women & The Environment, Islamabad, Pakistan Keynote


"It was a matter of immense pleasure to have with us Ms. Jennifer Hall Lee as one of our keynote speakers at the International Conference on Women, Environment and Environmental Justice, organized by the Critical Thinking Forum 2016. We also have the honour of screening her award-winning documentary Feminist Liberation Movement in 2013 in International Islamic University Islamabad followed by her intense and dynamic interaction with the audience. This time it was her second visit to Pakistan and her new documentary on environmental conservation is indeed a great effort to raise awareness about the well-being of the planet and planetary maintenance to achieve shared objectives set for environmental justice."

-Dr. Munazza Yaqoob Chair "Women, Environment and Environmental Justice" Conference

"Protecting our environment starts from our own communities...literally from our own backyard," Jennifer Hall Lee to the audience on the importance of environmental change and speaking of her most recent project. [She] concludes her address leaving the audience on a positive note."

- Aniqa Jahangeer, Islamabad, Pakistan

"Jennifer Hall Lee is an amazing speaker and activist, especially for women. This year Jennifer was the Keynote speaker at the 30th annual University Career Women's Conference at Arizona State University, she really wowed the women. Jennifer has passion, and strength as she speaks about the history and struggles of the women's movement. Earlier in the year Jennifer did a workshop for the 5th Annual Arizona Women's Conference. The room was filled and she activated the women to want to hear more, which is why we are having her back. Her knowledge of the women's movement and her desire to engage everyone is so amazing. We are looking forward to having her come back and educate more participants. It is so refreshing to know that younger women are carrying on the legacy of the women that fought so hard and brought us this far."

Carol Comito, Organizer of 5th Annual Arizona Women's Conference

Jennifer Hall Lee’s film is definitely deserving of awards - its logical historical flow is very helpful in getting a firm grasp on what transpired to bring about the Women’s Liberation movement and its early momentum. At the same time, it’s humorous, full of graphic cues and insightful interviews with a broad group of feminists across the country, who were involved in changing the status of women. Feminist Stories brings out so many interesting details that every viewer learns something for the first time. Our screening was the impetus for multiple conversations afterwards with parents, children and friends. We had City College students attending from a "History of Women" course and for them it was an eye-opener. Plus, Jennifer’s Q & A session was inspiring - it’s evident that she’s passionate about being a feminist - and she re-kindled for many of us that passion to actively continue the fight for equal rights.

Frances Rozner, 2015-2016 President, AAUW Long Beach, CA

I enjoyed the sequences where you talk directly to camera, and I know how much bravery it takes to go in front of camera and share yourself and your thoughts… It was entertaining, and interesting, and educational, and it felt like watching something documentary and experimental… Great stuff! Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts."

Becky Sharpe, Photographer and Filmmaker, UK British Library screening 2015"I


With a students at the International Islamic University, Islamabad