Jennifer Hall Lee

VFX Producer, Editor, Indie Filmmaker


Jennifer attended Hampshire College and upon graduating, moved to San Francisco with intentions of working at Lucasfilm's Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) in their optical department as a compositor. She worked on many feature films while at ILM, including FORREST GUMP, GHOST, BACK TO THE FUTURE 2, DEATH BECOMES HER, THE ROCKETEER, THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, HOOK, IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS and FORREST GUMP. Jennifer moved to Los Angeles and worked with several Hollywood studios including Warner Bros., Sony Imageworks and Technicolor.  She worked as a visual effects producer, compositor, editor, digital intermediate conforming editor and producer of miniature effects. Her credits include: RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN, THE HUMAN STAIN, KILL BILL Vol. 1+2, FINAL DESTINATION, HERBIE FULLY LOADED, BEOWULF, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN and ENCHANTED.

But Jennifer wanted to be an independent filmmaker and make her own movies. She directed a film about a little-known southwestern architect  who had done ground-breaking work called MARY JANE COLTER: THE DESERT VIEW.  It was narrated by Ellen Burstyn. She produced the Winslow Film Festival that screened independent films and hosted a visual effects lecture series featuring noteworthy professionals that worked in the field. Jennifer's own film, FEMINIST: STORIES FROM WOMEN’S LIBERATION won "Best of the Fest" documentary at the Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival. It explores the significance of the second wave of the women’s liberation movement and the effect it has on our lives. Interviewees include author and NOW founder Betty Friedan, authors and activists Frances M. Beal, Robin Morgan, Sonia Pressman Fuentes, Betita Martinez among other feminists. Jennifer continues to make films and is currently at work on a feature documentary set in Atlanta, Georgia. She also directs and edits short films for organizations.

Jennifer's Credits here

Jennifer's Credits here


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Most recently she moderated a panel discussion at NAB called "Is Cinephilia Dead Or Is It Just Expanding?"

NAB Panel for SMPTE "Is Cinephilia Dead Or Is It Just Expanding?"

NAB Panel for SMPTE "Is Cinephilia Dead Or Is It Just Expanding?"


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