Jill Stein Is No Feminist

Had to respond to a Hillary hater who proudly voted Stein and said i was a vagina voter. I responded: Vagina accusations are sexist. You are breaking women down into body parts. Additionally, you ignore the ground breaking work she has done for four decades. We are aware of sex-trafficking because she resolved (as FLOTUS) to help Ukrainian women who came to her in a women's conference Hillary organized in 1997. They came to her to say that whole villages were missing girls. Hillary put the full force of the First Lady's office behind the women of Ukraine. This global effort led to the first piece of legislation that allowed us to prosecute sex-traffickers. It was Hillary that showed the world the problem. Jill Stein has no record of fighting for women or children. Hillary continued her work in women's rights (which started with the Beijing conference and the women's rights and human rights speech, which was groundbreaking in that all the women at the conference went back to their countries and demanded equal rights. They were armed with strength from her. She went into the senate and crossed the aisle to get legislation passed to help older children get adopted. Oops, wait, that legislation was spearheaded by her when she was FLOTUS. In the senate she continued the work and championed pro-choice legislation and was the fighting force behind Lilly Ledbetter (who endorsed Hillary). NeverHillary people are not feminists, nor are they pro-children. They are patriarchal. As is Jill Stein.