The Big Bad Wolf Came to the White House Correspondents' Dinner

"Donald Trump Is Out, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is in." That was the April 6 announcement by USA TODAY.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders stood as proxy for the President. Comedian Michelle Wolf served as MC for the evening.

The gender roles were being challenged although most didn't notice, at first. Then, reality set in and some women and men came unglued.

Why was I surprised? We all know that when women get near the office of the president it shakes social foundations and pushes people to great extremes in order to shore up those stagnant, yet crumbling edifices. 

Mika Brzezinski, Maggie Haberman, and Andrea Mitchell acted as the press secretary's protectors by issuing tweets that were tinged with a hollow mid-century worship for the traditional housewife.

The Feminine Mystique rose from the dead. 

Mika Brzezinski saw Sanders as wife and mother, not the press secretary who attacks journalists from the press room.


Maggie Haberman's admired Sanders' stoicism. Was that Sarah Huckabee Sanders the press secretary sitting in place for the President or was it a hostess overseeing her party? 


Michelle Wolf's line about Sanders' smokey eye make-up being created by the ashes of her lies went over Haberman's head. She insisted it was a dig at Sanders' physical appearance.


Wolf is female so we must demand an apology.

Andrea Mitchell didn't disappoint.


Such confusion!

Cosmetics are products, purchased and applied as beauty enhancements. So is hair dye and we all know that Donald's hair is a source of ridicule. 

Who protects Trump? No one has to protect him because we live in a country of old gender stereotypes.

Trump is a man and we can laugh at his hair and weight because his looks are secondary to his strong man persona.

If you identify with political gender roles then a woman's appearance is primary.

Sanders defining characteristic was being protected by Mitchell, Haberman, and Brzezinski.

And thankfully Michelle Wolf stepped in to remind them they were living in the 21st century.

Michelle Wolf, born in 1985, well after feminists were wrapping up one era and entering another, stood strong and spoke freely in public. She even laughed at herself "I never really thought I would be a comedian, but I did take an aptitude test in seventh grade and this is 100% true. It said my best profession was a clown or a mime."

Reaction to her from more traditional quarters of our society couldn't see their own damaging double standards. 

Trump can be vulgar and misogynistic. He can wreck our house and we have to deal with it; clean it up afterwards and tell the children he didn't mean it and that he really loves women.

Wolf needed to be reminded of her place. Apologize.

Mitchell, Haberman, and Brzezinski played the role of gatekeepers for traditional gender stereotypes in a rigid home dominated by a man.

Thankfully, that Wolf showed up at the door. 


Watch Michelle Wolf's speech here: