Hillary's Electoral Loss Is Our Fight

Letting this sink in today: In the 1980s Hillary fought for disabled children to go to preschool. She went undercover to make sure African American children were able to integrate in public schools. In Arkansas Hillary had to add the name Clinton to her name due to attacks on her by conservatives. By the time she was in the White House she had to drop the name Rodham altogether, due to more attacks on her. In the 1990s she alerted the world to the crime of sex-trafficking. Her work led to the first legislation ever that enabled us to prosecute sex-traffickers. She crossed the aisle to work with republicans on legislation that helped children; helping older children get adopted. She has always been deeply religious. 

Yet, so-called "family values" supporters voted for a man in 2016 who bragged about 'grabbing pussies.' 

They preferred this unworthy man over her. Her loss is a bellwether. It is historically significant. This loss, our loss, is huge because after sorting out the distractions you can see that this loss was all about putting a woman who fights for children in the White House. 

Let this sink in to your mind, deeply. It's important because this hate for women in our country is destroying our democracy. We will listen to the haters again, the hypocrites will run on family values tickets again.

Don't let them. It's over for them. Fight for us.